Official OS7.1.0.794 for BlackBerry Curve 9360 via StarHub Ltd.[AllLang] + How To Install

Hello, BlackBerry Curve 9360 owners.

Usually I will just post a simple OS blog, but I have my friend’s Curve 9360 device, which will be upgraded to OS7.1.0.794 tonight via BlackBerry [DM] Desktop Manager software for PC (latest version

I will document as much as I can below to guide those who may have difficulty upgrading/installing their device’s [OS] operating system.



Software For BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 smartphone

BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2220 (All Languages)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  •     Applications:
  •     Software Platform:
  •     File name: 9360jAllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel2220_PL9.6.0.118_A7.1.0.794_StarHub_Ltd.exe
  •     File size: 269.99MB

Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

Direct Download: HERE

Assuming you have successfully downloaded the All Language Official OS to your Windows PC.

Now, install the Official OS to your PC, you will be prompted with a Welcome screen, click Next. (see screen-shots).


9360/ BB Device Software Welcome

The screen-shot below will prompt you to Select the country or region in which you are currently located, click Next.


9360/ BB Device Software Select Country

Agree to the following License Agreement below, and click Next.


9360/ BB Device Software Accept Terms

During this time, it may take a few minutes to install the OS to your PC, once completed, you will see this screen below, click Finish.


9360/ BB Device Software Completed

Open up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software for PC, connect the BlackBerry Curve 9360 device with a microUSB cable which came with your retail box (for most of you) and wait for DM to show you the latest OS.

In case OS7.1.0.794 does not show up via Desktop Manager (for PC) , go to;

Computer> Win 7 (C:) > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > Apploader ; scroll down & delete the vendor.xml file

Once you have removed the vendor.xml file, start up BlackBerry Desktop Manager software (for PC) and re-connect your Curve 9360 device.

You will be prompted with an Add a New BlackBerry Device screen (such as the one provided below) and click Get started with this device

Please note: Temporarily disable device security (by going to Options>Security>Password>General>Enable UN-check this, then Save) which will save you potential headaches, trust me.


9360/ connect a new device

You will be presented with this screen below, where you can change how your device reacts when connected to Desktop Manager (via USB cable).


9360/ when I connect my device

Desktop Manager Software (for PC) will show an OS Update is now available for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone.


9360/ now shows Update Available

You will now receive a prompt to Update your BlackBerry Device Software to OS7.1.0.794 for your BlackBerry Curve 9360 device.

9360/ DM

9360/ Update BB Device Software

This will be the last step before Desktop Manager (for PC) starts to update your device, if you observe below in the Update Options screen, it may take up to an hour to complete the update process. (average time is 30 minutes or less) Click Install Update.

Note: once the update process is active, do not pull or remove the microUSB cable from the BlackBerry device.

Click Install Update, sit back & watch while your BlackBerry Curve 9360 is being updated to the latest Official OS, courtesy of StarHub Ltd.

9360/ Update Options

9360/ Update Options

Your BlackBerry Curve 9360 device has now completed the software update to OS7.1.0.794, make sure to re-configure your device, and don’t forget to pull the battery at least 3-4 times during an 8-24 hour span. Everyone is different.

9360/ Update is Complete

9360/ Update is Complete

As you can see in this screen-shot below, I have successfully updated the Curve 9360 device to OS7.1.0.794, which can be viewed by clicking Options>Device>About Device Versions

9360/ About

9360/ About

Looks good to me, everything seems to be there, especially Mobile Hotspot!

I love that feature!

9360/ Manage Connections

9360/ Manage Connections

Thank you for reading this blog, which I have spent a lot of time preparing.

If you have anything else further to add, or suggest, please do so via the comment box below (I usually reply back within 1 hour).

It’s certainly appreciated.

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29 Responses to Official OS7.1.0.794 for BlackBerry Curve 9360 via StarHub Ltd.[AllLang] + How To Install

  1. anilu7 says:

    Thanks, Guido! Your precise directions and very clear screen shots make it so easy to upgrade the 9360’s OS.

  2. furiousguido says:

    Thank you anilu7, hearing that makes it worthwhile to put in as much effort as I have when completing this blog. It’s sincerely appreciated my friend.
    If you have any further questions, ask away:)

  3. Johanna says:

    Very detailed information Guido! I’m on my way to have that OS 7.1 feature :))

  4. Hello Guido!
    Good morning ! I do see this update but after a update like this I could mot see any added features in OS can you tell me clearly what are the added things in this 0S ?

  5. Hello Gudio good morning ! Generally after updating I could not see any additional features, only a number change most of the time can you please brief me what are changes in this update please ?

  6. @ryesy says:

    hi after i remove vendor.xml file on the apploader still it didn’t show up on my desktop manager what do you think is wrong with that

  7. james says:

    Great information men. Now my question is, Are this instruction is also applicable for Blackberry Bold 9900 for OS update? And why is that we need to pull up the battery for 3-4 times throughout the day, you said right? (im confused with this one men) thanks !

    • furiousguido says:

      Yes, it has been found that pulling your BlackBerry device’s battery 3-4 times throughout an 8 hour day gives the fresh OS a chance to settle.
      Compared to users who don’t do this, they seem to have eventual lag, and other small issues.

      • james says:

        Alright! this will serves as my guidline when i got on my hands my 9900 😀 thanks for the update budd. God bless you.

      • furiousguido says:

        Anytime James, glad to hear it buddy!

        Just to let you know, I published a more recent OS7.1.0.923 via my WordPress blog.
        Search for official Bold 9900.

  8. kensen says:

    may i know why when i delete the vendor.xml it still doesnt pop up the updates? so i went to device update, and do a manual click but it return error updating. Can you help on this?

    • furiousguido says:

      Hello Kensen, assuming that is your name, some OS updates (leak or official) requires you to remove the vendor.xml file.
      Some OS even have 2 vendor.xml files you need to manually remove which I believe, I’ve explained in this blog.
      In case it’s not here, search for vendor.
      It will come up.
      Keep me posted, and my apologies for responding late.

  9. beril says:

    Can I make this upgrade in turkey? New versions are always come months later than europe.. It haven’t been come yet..

    • furiousguido says:

      You can upgrade to this or any other recent OS for your BlackBerry device.
      As long as it’s for your device model, that’s all that matters regardless of which mobile carrier you use.
      Use (the latest) BlackBerry Desktop Manager (for PC or Mac) software, then connect via USB cable.
      Search for updates via DM (or use this OS assuming you’ve already downloaded & installed).
      Keep me posted, and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.
      Thank you.

  10. valerun6 says:

    Hello Guido!
    I am about to download the Official OS7.1.0.794 for BlackBerry Curve 9360, assuming this software will make my blackberry running again (it is failed to restart after device software update showing me an Error 507 message). I have through all steps, and found them clearly understandable except one – “make sure to re-configure your device, and don’t forget to pull the battery at least 3-4 times during an 8-24 hour span”. Saying pull, do you mean disconnect the battery, and in what condition the blackberry shall be in that moment? Could you please explain this a little more dipper for me.
    Thank you.

    • furiousguido says:

      My apologies for not replying back sooner I’m just returning now didn’t expect I would be away for this long.
      In regards to your BlackBerry Curve 9360, you can even download a more recent version instead of OS7.1.0.794 I can’t remember top of my head, but it’s definitely higher than the OS you mention now.
      Keep me posted if you still require help since you posted this several weeks ago.
      Thank you.

  11. snoopy says:

    Hi sir, I was trying update, but i don’t receive any inputs after deleting .xml file
    “Desktop Manager Software (for PC) will show an OS Update is now available for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone”. New version is not shown on DM. Please advice.

    • furiousguido says:

      There’s likely not 1 but 2 XML file(s) you need to remove, which is preventing you from updating to OS7.1.0.794, but there’s a more recent version available, just search from the main page, and you’ll see it:)

  12. furiousguido says:

    Before I reply, I should add that there’s a more recent device OS7.1 available for your BlackBerry Curve 9360 just search from my main page, and remember to configure your mobile settings … go to Options>Networks and Connections>Mobile Network>Network Mode, then Save.

  13. furiousguido says:

    My apologies for late response, I’ve been very busy… is this for a Curve 9360, or were you just using my write up as a guide to assist you upgrading a different BlackBerry device?

  14. furiousguido says:

    Thank you for the compliment I try to make it as simple as possible from the new BlackBerry user who hasn’t the slightest clue how to use a BlackBerry at all to the more advanced user (when I can) depending on what the blog is about and how to go about on publishing it in a way that is understandable. Thank you:)

  15. furiousguido says:

    Thank you very much, it’s appreciated, I try to post when I have time, but when I do I give my all.

  16. furiousguido says:

    Thank you very much:)

  17. Temitope Eniola says:

    Thanks for this info. I was looking for something else when I ran into this place. So I decided to ask for your help if you can. I have a Blackberry 9810 (torch2) v7.1.0.912. The problem is that I do not have network selection mode. My friend who is on the same version of os has the 3G, 4G, 2G/3G and4G. Her phone is at&t branded so is mine. Pls I want you to help mi with the build if you know what build that is. Thanks and God bless you

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