The Ultimate Charging Pod for BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900

Ok, you realize that having only 1 x JM-1 1230mAh battery for your BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 isn’t enough because you’re mostly mobile, out to meetings, conference calls, perhaps with friends and/or family.

You realize that JM-1 battery cannot survive your hectic schedule and you need a serious battery package which has everything possible to keep your BlackBerry device ON, the only time it is Off is when you have to swap batteries using the BlackBerry battery charger which externally charges extra JM-1 batteries while you’re on the go.

This BlackBerry Charging Pod battery package includes;

  • an external JM-1 battery charger
  • micro USB cable
  • *EU USB charger
  • Y cable (which charges 2 x JM-1 batteries at the same time)

I have snapped up these pictures below using my BlackBerry Bold 9900 device, of what this Charging Pod package looks like if you plan to buy it from a (*Euro) retail store. *more on that below.


9930/9900/9220 Charging Pod Package

I will now open this BlackBerry Charging Pod package to show you what is inside this box (for all you curious eyes out there) and will connect 2 external chargers at the same time (which I previously own) using the supplied Y cable that came with the above package.

9930/9900/9220 Charger Pod package opened

9930/9900/9220 Charger Pod package opened

I have provided another picture showing the Charging Pod package better for you to view.

9930/9900/9220 Charger Pod

9930/9900/9220 Charger Pod

I have removed all items from the Charging Pod and put them on the table.



I have grabbed my other 2 BlackBerry external JM-1 chargers and plugged them into the supplied brand new Y-cable, works like a charm!!



I thought I would blog about this and share my order experience which I bought and paid for via

Arrived 2+weeks later, depending where you live, it may arrive straight to your home, (be prepared as a signature may be required) to receive the Charging Pod package.

In case you’re not at home, you will get a delivery notice  left at your residence to pick up either the same day, or the next business day at the nearest post office.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please comment below, and I will try to reply within the hour (assuming I’m awake).

Thank you very much.

Please Note: this Charging Pod battery package came with an *European USB Charger which may be an issue for some potential buyers (if you reside in North America – USA/Canada)

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