Facebook for BlackBerry released via BlackBerry Beta Zone plus How To Install

Hey, Facebook for BlackBerry  fans out there, how about 23,546,904 likes (as of posting) that’s 23 Million “Likes” via their Official BlackBerry page on Facebook.

If that isn’t enough, Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones [Official] application has 5,412,982 likes (as of posting) that’s 5.4 Million “Likes”

So, guess what got posted via BlackBerry Beta Zone today, somewhat unexpectedly I may add to that observation, Facebook for BlackBerry [Beta] version

Many new features and fixed issues (more on that via @RapidBerry article);

For those who wish to read and learn about the latest [Official] Social Networking for Smartphones Facebook for BlackBerry , or just download the direct Facebook link HERE

Please Note:  I would like to show you how to install Facebook for BlackBerry [Beta] with you, I’ve used my fave ScreenMuncher 

System Requirements:

To use Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, the following is required:

  •     A wireless service data plan that supports SN applications
  •     Wi-Fi connectivity
  •     A Facebook account (an account can be created from the app)
  •     2.7 MB of available application memory
  •     BlackBerry® Device Software v5.0 or later (To check your software version, click Options, then About or click Options > Device > About Device Versions from your smartphone)

As most know, before you can access Facebook for BlackBerry 4.0 via BlackBerry Beta Zone, your BBID sign-in and password credentials are required to either create your BlackBerry Beta Zone account, or access the [mobile] site to download and install the beta application(s).

Facebook via BB Beta Zone - Accept Program

Facebook via BB Beta Zone – Accept Program

Once you have access by Joining the Facebook for BlackBerry 4.0 Program, Accept the “Eligibility Declaration” via BlackBerry Beta  Zone on your mobile device.

Facebook 4.0

Facebook for BlackBerry 4.0 Program

Once you click the Download button, you will be prompted with a screen like this below, where you install Facebook for BlackBerry [beta]

Facebook for BlackBerry beta download

Facebook for BlackBerry beta

You will get a screen like this below, prompting you to Replace [official] version to [beta]

Facebook for BlackBerry to

Facebook for BlackBerry to

After clicking the Replace button, you will see a message, ” The application may not be fully usable until a reboot is performed. Do you want to reboot”?

Please Note: You have a choice if you want to click Later, or Reboot, but let’s install this Facebook for BlackBerry [beta] without any potential issues, click Reboot.

Facebook for BlackBerry Reboot

Facebook for BlackBerry – device reboot

Once your BlackBerry OS7 device has rebooted, go to your inbox [where your BBID is registered], and search for the Facebook for BlackBerry key-code, which is issued when you download & install the application.

Please Note: The Facebook for BlackBerry key-code is a unique code which is tied to your BlackBerry device’s PIN number, & released to you so you may copy/paste the key-code in your beta application [no two key-codes are the same].

Facebook for BlackBerry - Beta Zone Key-Code

Facebook for BlackBerry – Beta Zone Key-Code

As you can see from the picture below, it’s a list-view layout (which I prefer) vs the icon drop down menu on previous Facebook [official] builds.

Facebook for BlackBerry

Facebook for BlackBerry beta

I’m sure there’s more to test out since I’ve only been using Facebook for BlackBerry [beta] version for a few hours now, one issue I still have is the Chat feature (I still see Conversations & Online Contacts is zero (0) when I know there’s family/friends online).

I am currently working on a solution to the best of my ability.

I suspect this is a Facebook server issue, and I obviously have no control over that issue (unless Facebook wants to hire me, fix their server for a $6 figure salary [hint hint Facebook] lmao

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, I sincerely ask of you if possible to spend a couple of minutes of your time, and post below any suggestions, ideas, or comment below, and I will reply back as soon as possible (when I am available & awake)

Thank you very much everyone! #TeamBlackBerry

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10 Responses to Facebook for BlackBerry released via BlackBerry Beta Zone plus How To Install

  1. Yeah I noticed the same thing about the online chat. It showed zero at first, after 4 or 5 seconds online contacts appeared. I too am still messing around with it.

    • furiousguido says:

      That chat feature, even with this beta release, no go.
      I’ve just installed a premium app called “A Chat for Facebook with Emoticon ver 2.2” logging into app now.
      Will keep you posted if I’m successful to enable the chat feature via a 3rd party app.

  2. stugiii says:

    You do all the text colouring via HTML?

  3. jawv77 says:

    Did everyone notice the “Pull down to refresh” option?..it’s FINALLY there in this version..and about this issue in ‘Chat’; I see all my contacts who are online…I’m gonna test this…

  4. jawv77 says:

    I must say G: yet again you did a great job on this one…But: back to the app itself: Did you guys notice the “Pull-Down-To-Refresh” option is FINALLY there?…love that…and it seems to me I need to check that Chat right?….hardly ever use it, but hey; I’ll give it a go and see if there are any issues…

    • furiousguido says:

      The Chat feature has been always an issue for me, and several others, even if you have the most basic BIS “Social data plan” or accessing Facebook via a Wi-Fi connection, the Chat feature just doesn’t seem to want to work.

  5. jawv77 says:

    I’ve tested the Chat function this morning and it worked perfectly for me….

    • furiousguido says:

      Just disabled the TCP/IP from my BlackBerry Bold 9900 device (it’s too bad other users don’t know about it).
      About that chat feature, it’s still a no go for me Johan, it’s so frustrating….it’s almost like our mobile carriers have disabled it from their end?

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