How to install leaked OS10 to your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha owners/users, it looks like we had a big surprise yesterday morning; the full BlackBerry 10 OS for the Dev Alpha  A and B

Note: download link has been updated, and provided below. Thank you.

I am currently in the process of installing the OS10.0.10.261 leak to my BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A device connected via micro USB cable to my Windows 7 Ultimate x32-bit SP1 (for more info on installing SP1 visit HERE).

This image below came up on my screen just moments ago.

Note: Please Make sure your device security is disabled prior to installing this OS leak (I highly recommend).

OS10.0.10.261 leak for BB Dev Alpha A & B devices PIC2

OS10.0.10.261 leak for BB Dev Alpha A & B devices PIC2

When you download the 1.4GB [1,451,049KB] file to your Windows PC  it will look  like this Autoload.×04002607

Make sure no other programs are running when you connect your Dev Alpha device to your Windows  PC via USB cable.

This process should take no more than 5- 10 minutes, depending on your PC hardware.

Once your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has rebooted itself likely twice, you will be prompted with a BlackBerry 10 Version OS Update.

Please Note: do not download the 351 MB update,  it seems to break BlackBerry Messenger 10 #BBM application from providing;

  • BBM 10Voice feature
  • BBM 10 Video feature

Note:Make sure your Dev Alpha device is plugged in during the course of installation, until it’s full completed.

You will now see a Welcome to BlackBerry screen, indicating which language you wish to install (English for me).

Welcome Screen BB10

Welcome Screen BB10

You will then see a Connect to Wi-Fi screen, where you’ll see and choose the correct SSID, and enter the (WPA/WPA2) password (if required).

I should also mention, as a #BBTip from me to you, when setting up or reconfiguring your router;

  • choose Channel 6 or 11
  • Security Type: Personal
  • Network Type: 802.11 B/G/N
  • Band Type: 2.4 Ghz is ok, but if you can choose the 5GHz, go for it.
Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect to Wi-Fi

Once you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password, you will see the screen confirm “Successful Connection”


WiFi is Connected

“I Agree” Agreement – usual lawyer stuff



BlackBerry ID Sign In – you should sign in now, or if you forgot your email, and/or password, enter it later on.

BlackBerry ID Sign In

BlackBerry ID Sign In

Once your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has completed installing the leaked OS10 and a reboot, you will be prompted with Essential Gestures, and other “practice screens” before getting to the Setup screen (below) Get Connected – Swipe Left to Continue

This is where you can add your Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, email accounts or with whomever you’re using to send & receive emails, BlackBerry Messenger, Wi-Fi, BBID (BlackBerry ID – very important to sign in)

OS10.9.10.35 Setup

OS10.9.10.35 Setup

After installing the leaked OS10 on my BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, I have provided 2 screen shots, one is via System Settings>About>Category>General, and the [OS] Operating System.

Some areas of these images were obviously edited to keep sensitive info at bay.

About General

About General

As you can see, I am now running the final OS10.0.10.261 and all I can say is WOW, it’s amazingly solid, fast, stable, and will satisfy even the most hardcore BlackBerry user.

About OS

About OS

This screen was taken at 03:35 AM February 05, 2013 (the day when a ton of  users will pick up their brand new BlackBerry 10 Z10 device from their current mobile carrier, and they will be so happy, you’d have to be crazy not to love BB10, honestly.

Even non BlackBerry users I have personally spoken to last few days have actually put up their iPhone 4S/5 or Android device for sell, or have already sold their device, and/or pre-registered for a BlackBerry 10 Z10 device, that’s how impressed they have become, I kid you not.

OS10 Dev Alpha main screen

OS10 Dev Alpha main screen

Please keep in mind, this is a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, and as such, most applications will work, such as;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • foursquare
  • LinkedIn
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Calendar
  • Newsstand
  • Docs To Go
  • Pictures
  • File Manager
  • and my fave WordPress

There’s still other applications I haven’t had a chance to test out as I have other personal obligations to fulfill, hope your understand.

OS10 Dev Alpha main screen w apps

OS10 Dev Alpha main screen w apps

This is pretty much in a nutshell how you install the full OS10 for your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, and for those lucky enough who have pre-registered last few days (or weeks) for their Z10 device, either in a gorgeous white, and beautiful black color, you will no doubly enjoy your new   device.

If you have any issues with your device, regardless if it’s a OS10,  OS7, or earlier, I will try to assist you the best I can via Twitter, or even Google+ (assuming you’re following me).

Thank you very much everyone, and hope to continue bringing you some great blogs now, and into the future.

Download: Autoload.× HERE


Guido aka @furiousguido


BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A owner, and soon to be BlackBerry Q10 owner.



About furiousguido

F♡ŦM 10-2012 @BlackBerry @Twitter @Android αĐĐι¢т, ѕυρєя-gяєαт gυу, social media adventurer, Ňòțĕ8 64GB, BB Passport, #TeamBlackBerry C000194AC
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22 Responses to How to install leaked OS10 to your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device

  1. Thanks for doing this blog G, I hope to be needing it once I get my Z10 sometime in March.

    • furiousguido says:

      Anytime Andrew, I have to update this blog now anyhow due to new information that was brought up to me by John from
      I’ll tweet the update when completed asap.
      Thank you again:)

  2. furiousguido says:

    Just as a followup update, I did in fact update my blog as it was confirmed by several BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A and B users, installing that 351 MB update wasn’t doing the device any good, and in turn, stopped BBM Voice & BBM Video from working at all.

    I have updated my blog to reflect this now, and you should be good to go!
    Enjoy everyone!

  3. anilu7 says:

    Just checking–is this leak just for Dev Alpha devices or can retail Z10’s take advantage of it? Or perhaps is it better to wait for the “Z10” leak?

    • furiousguido says:

      This OS leak is only for BB10 Dev Alpha A or B devices, not for retail BB10 Z10 devices, unless you want to brick your device:)
      It is far better to hold off until I hear of a leak for the Z10, once I’ve tested it on my friend’s device, I’ll post it here with screen shots (as usual).

    • furiousguido says:

      My apologies for the late response, but as many other users were wondering the same, it is best to stick with OS leaks (if specifically stated) meant for Dev Alpha A or B devices.
      Personally, I wouldn’t install this OS leak meant for Dev Alpha and attempt to install it on a BlackBerry Z10 device.

  4. Xyrer says:

    the download link doesn’t work anymore 😦

  5. Bright Wisdom says:

    link is broken. I can’t download, I get access denied error. Pls upload it again .

  6. Bright Wisdom says:

    link is broken . pls upload again .

  7. furiousguido says:

    Thank you PK, it seems the link, courtesy of RapidBerry is not working anymore.
    I will upload a new link later on today.
    Thank you.

    UPDATE: I have updated my WordPress blog, new link below as of April 23, 2013 11:58 AM EST
    Enjoy everyone!

  8. justudin says:

    Great tutorial, thanks buddy 🙂

  9. narendra says:

    hey can i get a link for downloading os OS10.0.10.261 leak to BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha,
    its is to slow to download from, can u do it please…..,
    thank you.

    • furiousguido says:

      My apologies for responding late, as other obligations came up, and haven’t had the time to sign-in to my WP blog.

      If you still require Dev Alpha OS, let me know & I’ll try to post a faster & reliable link on your behalf.

      Thank you.

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