WIND Mobile tweets “the door” to a customer via @Twitter

I was on my way to Mississauga today via public transit to an appointment in the late noon hour, testing my @BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A device between 2 different Canadian mobile carrier service providers.

I spoke to @Alexandros9900 via BlackBerry Messenger #BBM latest Official for OS7 devices, or for OS10 device(s) for that gorgeous BlackBerry 10 Z10 device, and we were chatting about customer service, and why not?

Official Twitter OS10.0.0.27

Official Twitter OS10.0.0.27

There was a mad rush of BlackBerry users looking to pick up their BlackBerry 10 Z10 device, and this was truly the day to “test” the competent minds of our mobile service reps, most did well in addressing several issues regarding the migration from OS6 or OS7 devices to BlackBerry 10 Z10 on February 05, 2013, from carrier’s, such as @RogersBuzz, @Bell_Mobility, and @TelusMobility, plus others who I didn’t mention.

Then there were some users who didn’t get the best service from their current mobile carrier.

Today was especially very interesting, because usually when a customer has a genuine and legit complaint about a mobile carrier’s attitude, and how they treat their customer, regardless if the customer is new or a long time loyal user of their (mobile) services.

One seems to stand out quite a bit today, not because of what the customer had to say about this specific mobile carrier, but how this mobile carrier responded back to one of their customers in a way that it certainly has raised some eyebrows once you read the conversation via @Twitter, this screen-shot was provided by my friend, Alexandros.

You would think this carrier would be a little more professional in addressing this customer’s needs, perhaps notifying him/her via a SMS text, or via phone call correspondence.

It seems the customer, Craig Cook, and a customer rep on behalf of WIND Mobile had a few brief words via Twitter,  captured via @BlackBerry 10 Z10.

This is what was sent to me via BBM today, I read it.

I decided to blog about this issue, and show that WIND Mobile could have posted a better response to Craig Cook.

In the end, this customer @CeeXTwo  plus other users will likely think twice from joining or continuing WIND Mobile services now, or in the near future, if this is how they treat their customers.

WIND Cares screen shot

@WIND_Cares screen shot

Even myself, I walked into the WIND store in Brampton, Ontario, and I made it very clear, asking her when will WIND have BlackBerry 10 Z10 in stock ready to sign up existing, and/or new customers?

The WIND employee’s response, “February 05, 2013”.

It is now Friday, February 08, 2013

Obviously, why does WIND need to confuse potential new customers even further by giving  incorrect info about the arrival of BlackBerry 10 Z10 devices?

I just don’t understand it?

For those who would like to send WIND Mobile a question, or you may have a concern,  check out;

Had WIND Mobile made it clear for existing customers, and other users regarding BlackBerry 10 current stance, and future news, they need to make it very clear to customers so this won’t happen again.

This could have been prevented, absolutely, and Craig Cook would have been a satisfied customer, a win-win situation,  instead WIND has lost another customer to a competing service provider, and nothing has been solved.

What do you think?

What should have WIND Mobile said to Craig Cook instead of tweeting him how to cancel his account?

To me, it just looks like the easy way out for WIND, instead of finding a solution on behalf of this (past) customer. It is now too late.

This is why I always tell people, customer service is critical to the success of any company to grow, flourish, in the end… everyone wins.

Thank you everybody, and wishing Craig Cook better luck, & service elsewhere.






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