Welcome back BlackBerry Bold 9900

Many of you know that I sold my mint (after replacing that destroyed keyboard) on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS7 device last week (Feb. 01, 2013) to have enough money to either purchase a brand new BlackBerry 10 Z10 device in (preferred) black when the time came from any Canadian mobile carrier (Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility) who has been selling the Z10 in record amounts of inventory.

As you also know, BlackBerry 10 operating system is a brand new, fresh, and innovative release from the Official new name, BlackBerry Ltd, formally known as RIM (Research In Motion) in very recent weeks.

So, you’re all probably wondering why would I buy a L.N.I.B. (Like New In Box) @BlackBerry OS7 device?

These are facts, in my own words, opinions, and thoughts below as to why I have decided to return to a BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS7 device, until these issues are supported on the BlackBerry 10 platform;

  • having a slight difficult time adjusting from an amazing keyboard OS7 device to an awesome BB10 Dev Alpha A/Z10 (Text Prediction Display) device (running OS leak, see my blog for more info on that)
  • some applications [like Twitter & Facebook] are missing features on OS10 that I desperately need to help other BB OS5/OS6/OS7.0/OS7.1 users, discuss FB group issues every single day, when compared to the previous BlackBerry OS7.1 (like a BB Bold 9900)
  • some applications, just to name a few (like Touch, File Manager Pro, BlackBerry Traffic) have not yet released for the BlackBerry 10 platform.
  • I’m able to sync everything using BlackBerry Desktop Manager software (for PC) [Bundle 39] on an OS7.1 device.

Remember, these are my reasons, and I am not saying that BlackBerry 10 platform is not good, that is a lie, because in all truth, that platform is just incredible, it has a very bright future, and I know deep down once BlackBerry 10 matures over time with device OS updates, BlackBerry Link (for PC & Mac) software updates.

Also, as they release more devices (such as the BB10 Q10 [keyboard], which will be my next BB device in April 2013 – 100% guaranteed, and many of us are looking forward to BlackBerry PlayBook OS upgrade to OS10.

(I don’t have a confirmed date on that PlayBook/4GPlayBook OS release).

I have tested these applications on my BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A device, such as;

  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • BlackBerry Newsstand
  • Box
  • Connect to Dropbox
  • Facebook for BlackBerry 10
  • Twitter for BlackBerry 10
  • foursquare for BlackBerry 10
  • Globe and Mail (Globe News)
  • LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10
  • Maps Search Free
  • QR Code Scanner Pro – Free
  • WordPress (which I love on the Dev Alpha)
  • TouchUp Lite – Photo Editor
  • Advanced App Manager
  • Air Hockey

Those are just a few of the BlackBerry 10 apps I’ve used out of probably 100+ (which I’m not going to post all here) but as you can see, more apps for BB10 is definitely coming!

For those who are having issues with their BlackBerry device, regardless if it’s an older OS5, or a brand spankin’ new OS10 device, there’s a ton of available online help, or solutions to be found, such as;

Overall, I love both BlackBerry devices, but when it comes to keeping in touch with those I need to help, or if someone needs advice, and I cannot respond via mobile because of limited features, it really affects me.

After all, I love helping & blogging about BlackBerry stuff, and even though I spend a ton of my own time, I really don’t mind, it’s only with people who have no patience to wait for my answer…you will know soon enough what happens next lol

Anyways, guys that’s it in a nutshell, and hope no one here takes this the wrong way about BlackBerry 10, it is truly an incredible super OS, and when more apps & updated support show up via BlackBerry World, ohh boy!! We’re gonna have some fun!!

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, or concerns…  go ahead, post it below, I’ll check ’em from time to time.

Thank you very much!



Bold 9900 OS7

BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS7







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11 Responses to Welcome back BlackBerry Bold 9900

  1. anilu7 says:

    Hey Guido, no need to feel apologetic. There are certain things that I miss from my own Bold 9900, including BlackBerry Traffic, still looking forward to BlackBerry Navigator (having used the beta version on my 9900), the tactile feel of a keyboard under my fingertips (although the predictive text keyboard and I are getting used to each other lol). I also miss the holstering option to go automatically to vibrate when I holster my BB–not having to actually go into settings to select vibrate–I don’t want silent, I want vibrate). I also miss ColourID so hope the developer is bringing it to BB10.
    On the plus side, I love using Neatly for Twitter–it is very much like Tweetdeck, which I use exclusively on my desktop. The Time Shift camera and Story Maker are stunning apps/functions and always impress. And of course I love the Hub–where all my messages/social input lives–and being able to access those incoming messages easily without opening/closing and searching for and within apps.
    I may get a Q10 in addition to my Z10–it depends on finances lol and whether I still hunger for the physical keyboard when it comes out.
    Whatever is right for you is the main thing. 🙂 Thanks for the blog!

  2. furiousguido says:

    Thank you for responding!, it’s awesome that you posted a great comment!
    When I sold my Bold 9900 to another person, it didn’t really bother me as much as realizing how much of an impact not having the Bold 9900 in my life as I was using it very frequently and to share RSS links to @Twitter and Facebook, which is not that easy to do on the BB10 since @Bellshare hasn’t released my all time fave BeReader app (it’s a God send) for me, and not having it on BB10 is so hard, even though Ive tried to use News Reader with Google Reader, it’s not even close to the quality of BeReader on my OS7 device.
    I wanted to show users how much it has affected me and deciding to purchase a LNIB Bold 9900 device until BB10 Q10 comes out in April 2013.
    So far, I’ve wiped it, and upgraded it to OS7.1.0.861, and it runs like a champ! I love it!
    Of course, it will…after all guess who is tweaking it? #BBJediMaster lmao
    As for BB10 Dev Alpha, I am still using it to surf the net, watch videos, Facebook, plus other stuff as I really enjoy the high resolution of the screen, it’s obviously better than the Bold 9900.
    Keep you posted!

    • hello mate.
      thanks for the links you gave me and im relieved that BB10 has the bright future. i have to admit, it still a bit rough on the edges but as it matures, it’ll be an awesome OS.
      but, instead of selling your old Bold, why dont u invest in z10 and stick at those two. BB certainly needs us as users to give them the feedbacks they need to improve the OS.
      just my two cents. cheers.

      • furiousguido says:

        Hello, GingkoBilobar
        Anytime my friend, glad I could help you out last night via @Twitter

        The BlackBerry 10 OS certainly has a very bright future ahead of itself, no doubt, and as time goes on, more apps will arrive, more users will start to appreciate the OS as it matures over time (just like any other new platform).

        On a side note, I had to sell my Bold 9900.
        The original plan was to buy a BB10 Z10 device outright, but I soon realized that I truly needed the BB10 Q10 (keyboard) device.
        So, in the meantime, I have purchased a new Bold 9900 device while we wait for the Q10 to arrive.
        Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to an all touch BlackBerry 10 Z10, or the Q10, I choose Q10.

  3. jawv77 says:

    I KNEW it!!!!..you just can’t live without a 9900….hehe…Nice work G and nice Blog too :D.
    I’m still going for the Z10, but I’m gonna buy a dual-sim so I can keep using my Bold 9900 as well.

  4. furiousguido says:

    Yeah Yeah ok I know< I couldn't shake the love away from a Bold 9900, once again it's in my hands, and it sure does feel very nice hehe thank you for the compliments brother!
    I'm still going for BB10 Q10 for sure when it comes out!

  5. Ange says:

    For the work you do with the Blackberry help, the features you have mentioned are needed….so it makes sense to make it easier to do by getting another Bold9900. Good call….xx

  6. It’s like one of those sappy love stories of a man and a woman running toward each other on a beach into each others arms. And there’s some cheesy background love story music. LMAO.

  7. furiousguido says:

    Thank you for your compliment my apologies for responding late; been very busy outside of life. Check me @furiousguido

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