It’s all about shoes, and I love Nike Shox!

Ask every women, or man out there who walks everyday from point A to point B in their shoes.

These are just not shoes, these are the kind of shoes that attracts us, completes us, and fulfills our wardrobe.

Women love shoes, but don’t kid yourself, guys love shoes too.

There’s a difference here.

When a women buys shoes, she buys every style, make, color, etc… (come on ladies, fess up) we know lmao
When a guy buys shoes, (generally speaking) he will likely buy the same brand, such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse, Ecko, Jordan, K-Swiss, and many others, but there’s that one brand that we just love to wear.

In my case, it’s Nike Shox.

I would buy every color, every style of Nike Shox if I could afford it, as prices can go anywhere between CDN$120 to $200+ for any premium designed Nike Shox shoe (in Canada).

I prefer all black, black/blue or black/orange styles.

Just as of current, I bought a new pair of Nike Shox Roadster [Style #487604-002 BLACK/BLACK-ANTRACITE-WLF GREY] at the Canada One Factory Outlets, located at 7500 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, where they specialize in off season and clear out merchandise, but at 20-30% or lower for the exact same pair of shoes.
Here’s a few pictures I snapped up from last year to current via my BlackBerry Bold 9900 of different Nike Shox styles and colors below.

Please feel free to comment below if you require specific info on the picture’s style # or anything else.

Nike Shox NZ blk/org

Nike Shox NZ Black/Team Orange Style # 378341-033

Nike Shox NZ Black/Blue

Nike Shox NZ Black/Blue

Nike Shox NZ White/Blue

Nike Shox NZ White/Blue

Nike Shox NZ Choices

Nike Shox NZ Choices

This particular shoe below, the Nike Air Max which was a 2011 model, shown at Champs in Mississauga, Ontario priced at 199.99 CDN plus taxes which would be $225.99 CDN you would have to hand over to the cashier, before literally walking out with them.

Even though these Air Max shoes are very comfortable, I cannot understand why these are listed at $199.99 CDN, when the exact same pair of shoes across the CDN/US border is 30-40% less?

Comment below if you wish.

Nike Air Max (2011 model)

Nike Air Max (2011 model)

Nike Shoz NZ Grey/Red

Nike Shoz NZ Grey/Red

Nike Shoz NZ Orange/Gry

Nike Shox NZ Style # 378341 080 Dark Grey/Total Orange

Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max

Nike Shox NZ

Nike Shox Roadster Black $114.99 at Canada One Factory Outlets

Nike store at Canada Factory Outlets

The Nike Store at Canada One Factory Outlets

Here’s some useful links I dug up, courtesy of Google.

Thank you for letting me share my passion for Nike Shox shoes via @Wordpress blog, and for those visiting, I thank you in advance!



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Updated: April 8, 2013 10:15 PM EST

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