Official OS7.1.0.912 for BlackBerry Curve 9360 via T-Mobile [AllLang]

For those who own a @BlackBerry Curve 9360 OS7 device, you may want to update your device’s OS to, courtesy of @TMobile

Download For:  T-Mobile BlackBerry® Curve 9360
Download:    Handheld Software (v7.1.0.912)
Date Updated:    03/21/2013
Size:    271 MB
Notes:    To find out if you need this software:

On the Home screen, click Options.
On the Options menu, click About.
If the version is not, then please download and install the most recent Handheld software for your device.

NOTE: While updating the software on your Handheld, be sure to select the option to back up and restore data on your device, to preserve your information that’s already on the device.

BlackBerry Curve 9360 T-Mobile Direct Link HERE

Remember to always backup your BlackBerry device prior to upgrading, and remove the vendor.XML file in case you’re having issues upgrading the OS to your device via Desktop Manager (for PC or Mac) or even BBHTool (for those who wish to shrink the OS, which is intended for more advanced users).

Thank you in advance.



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F♡ŦM 10-2012 @BlackBerry @Twitter @Android αĐĐι¢т, ѕυρєя-gяєαт gυу, social media adventurer, Ňòțĕ8 64GB, BB Passport, #TeamBlackBerry C000194AC
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9 Responses to Official OS7.1.0.912 for BlackBerry Curve 9360 via T-Mobile [AllLang]

  1. hello furiousguido,

    even i last time asked you what is the add on in the OS, literally i didn’t find any difference,you said you will come back , now instead of 794 912 itself came , any diff in this OS?

    • furiousguido says:

      Hello vsaravanavell,
      My apologies for not responding back sooner on that previous OS post.

      To be honest, when any carrier posts an OS release, there’s never any change-log for the inquiring minds.

      It’s upon us to find those changes.

      In this OS release for BlackBerry Curve 9360, I haven’t heard anything major from anyone.
      Thank you.

      • hi, furi,
        thanks for the reply, it is okay, you are doing better than the people working on BB, no one even sends an email that they have updated the OS, even a small app builder can able to email us that they have updated their app mean why cant the blackberry, i am saying frankly blackberry has to do more interactions with peoples like you !, are you aware people are crying everywhere google maps is not syncing in blackberry , but no official info from blackberry, if it just puts a note that google is not liking bb to grow , that word is enough for bb fans to stay out of google service, but keeping mum is not correct what you feel ?

  2. furiousguido says:

    Hello vsaravanavell,

    People need to remember I am only 1 person responding to several users via various media channels, unlike @BlackBerry @BlackBerryHelp where they have a ton of users asking for assistance at any given one time.

    Usually when a vendor has released an update to their app, it’s pushed to users via BlackBerry World on their device (also factor in the fact not everyone has full BIS data plan).

    Out of those users, some have 1GB or more data available up to 6GB, some even have unlimited data plans (like myself) because I am a very busy person who needs to stay on top of BlackBerry news (courtesy of BeReader by @bellshare) best RSS reader hands down.

    When it comes to BlackBerry operating system releases, many BlackBerry websites will publish these OS updates, or users such as myself will blog about these OS updates.

    The difference is I will personally respond to any user who genuinely request the help, I will reply back.

    Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc I help many users because I love what I do, and to see people happy knowing it’s ’cause of me:)

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