Facebook for BlackBerry released via BlackBerry Beta Zone

For those who have never downloaded and installed Facebook for BlackBerry  via BlackBerry Beta Zone on their BlackBerry legacy (OS7) devices,  this has several new features, which I’m going to provide below.

I have included several screen shots to assist new users in case they need some guidance.

Facebook via Beta World

Facebook via Beta Zone Sign In


Facebook Accept Eligibility Declaration


Facebook Accepted E.D. now download


Facebook Pick English (or other language)


Download Facebook via BB Beta Zone

Note: If  you already have (Official or Beta) Facebook for BlackBerry installed, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to proceed to install version from BB Beta Zone over the older version.

Need to view my prior Facebook for BlackBerry blog, here’s the link below;

Here’s a link, courtesy of RapidBerry,  has posted the new features in their article provided in the link below;

If you have any further issues, or require additional clarification, please post in the comment area below, and I will try to reply back as soon as possible.

I may edit this WordPress blog  to add more info if necessary.



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