Skype leaks for BlackBerry Z10, but I installed it on a Dev Alpha!

As many of you know throughout several BlackBerry sources,  Official Skype for BlackBerry which is available via BlackBerry World (Preview) for the masses even though it is Not an Official application for the BlackBerry Z10 device (yet),  is to be available for the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 device which should be released in Canada on May 01, 2013 at major select Canadian mobile carriers; Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, and Bell Mobility.

Many users who are with the Android and iOS platform have enjoyed using the Skype application on their mobile devices for many years, and now it is our turn to have that same fun!!

Check out these screen shots I took while installing Skype for BlackBerry on a BlackBerry Dev Alpha A device running OS10.0.10.261 via vnBB10 software [compatible with Windows 7 or 8]

Note: this is simply a reminder that this Skype for BlackBerry is a leaked application, and as such, may be buggy installed on a BlackBerry Z10 or Dev Alpha A/B device. Thank you.

Skype leak installed on Dev Alpha A

Skype leak 3.1.439.21 installed on Dev Alpha A

As you can see below, I have successfully installed Skype for BlackBerry (Android) version 3.1.439.21 using vnBB10 Windows PC application to side-load this 13.1MB BAR file to my BlackBerry Dev Alpha A device running OS10.0.10.261

Skype installed via side-load vnBB10

Skype leak 3.1.439.21 side-load via vnBB10

Skype for BB installed

Skype – Dev Alpha A

As you can see below, after successfully installing Skype on my BlackBerry Dev Alpha device, I entered my sign-in credentials, but was not able to access this application via my mobile hotspot connection.

Skype Sign In

No Skype access via hotspot

I decided to make a trip to my local library in Toronto, Ontario, pulled out the Dev Alpha, successfully connected to their public Wi-Fi network, entered my Skype details, and walaaa!

I was prompted with a “Enable Skype video calls” window, I clicked Enable.

Skype Enable video calls

Skype Enable video calls

I was presented with the familiar Skype screen most of us know, we have the option to access Contacts, Recent, Call phones, and your Profile.

Skype main screen

Skype main screen

I clicked on my Skype profile, it’s obvious as you can see below, and of course keep in mind, this app is for the BlackBerry Q10.

Even though the leak was recently made available to Z10 users, it may not work entirely, & didn’t expect this to work 100% on  Dev Alpha devices.

Skype enter screen

Skype Profile screen

While I’m connected to the library’s public Wi-Fi network, and I successfully signed into Skype; I was surprised to receive a Skype call from my friend, Andrew Ralls @RallsInNC who successfully installed the same Skype leak on his BlackBerry Z10 device.

Could I have answered Andrew’s Skype call?

It’s likely the Skype call would have successfully connected, but it was difficult to read the device’s Skype screen, and I needed to update my WordPress blog as soon as possible for some eager readers, and BlackBerry 10 owners.

Skype call

Skype call from Andrew Ralls

As you know, every time you start or end an activity on Skype, it is documented under Recent, and as you can see below, it shows a Skype call was attempted.

Skype recent

Skype Recent

I would like to thank my followers, WordPress readers for their time, and my friend Andrew for the unexpected call (I will answer when I get my BlackBerry Q10).

If you’re anxious, and can’t wait for Skype for BlackBerry app, grab it below, and enjoy.

Download Skype 3.1.439.21 leak HERE


Guido DR @furiousguido

UpdatedApril 27th, 2013 at 03:20PM EST

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