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вℓα¢квєяяу α∂∂ι¢т, ѕυρєя-gяєαт gυу, social media adventurer Bold 99ØØ™ ∂єναℓρнα ρℓαувσσк™ #TeamBlackBerry #BBJediMaster™

“BlackBerry community is only as strong as their members”

Note: “Please be original, don’t copy”®

For those who know me, I’m Guido (it’s my real name),  or a.k.a.

#MasterG #BlackBerryGuru #BBJediMaster

I can assure you these were not made up by me, but in fact by very close friends, or repeat BlackBerry returning users who come to me as the “go to guy” for any suggestion, question, issue, concern…. sometimes even a completely unrelated issue.

I love my @BlackBerry for the simple reason that it works for me, & it can work for you.

The difference is you need a little bit of patience, and basic understanding, then you can also enjoy your BB device.

If for whatever reason you’re experiencing difficulty understanding your BlackBerry device, please send me a message via Twitter to @furiousguido

I will find a solution, usually takes me either a couple of minutes, up to an hour or two (if I am dealing with other obligations).

I would also like to share with you (my readers/followers) below;

BlackBerry Ltd. decided I was their next;

BlackBerry Fan Of The Month October 2012

(Courtesy of Inside BlackBerry – The Official BlackBerry Blog)
An incredible achievement to earn from RIM, & I will always be honored.

There’s several blogs I am working on, to showcase my skills, which will be officially announced (when it’s completed to my satisfaction) all in one spot – furiousguido.com –

I thank you in advance for visiting my @Wordpress blog, and if you have any further questions, please ask away via Twitter @furiousguido or here below in the comment box.

Updated: September 28, 2013


Just a nice guy trying to make you smile

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3 Responses to About Me

  1. David Cooper says:

    Hello Guido! I have been looking for some helpful infomation on the Bold 9900 and ran across your “furiousguido.com” website. By reading some of your articles, some a few months old, I can tell that you are a big fan of the 9900! If you don’t mind, can I ask your opinion about something? I have never bothered with a cell phone contract before and have always owned my phones outright, and always bought pre-owned. My wife and I own 2 phones, mine a Bold 9780 and hers a Curve as well as a couple of Playbooks. I am being tempted by Rogers to take the free upgrade from my current Bold 9780 to a Bold 9900 but with a 2 year contract attached. I would like to take the upgrade and give my wife my old Bold, which is twice the phone of the Curve in my estimation! My dilemma is this…..I have read a lot of negative reports on the internet about the 9900 and even by Cell shops including Future Shop, Rogers, etc. Many 9900 owners that I have read have reported a few different types of problems, and some used phones that I have seen on Kijiji are for sale with “minor issues”. (I have also read a LOT of comments by folks who LOVED their 9900’s! but mostly new owners, whereas the complainers had had theirs for over a year). In your very educated opinion, would I still be making a wise choice in opting to upgrade to the Bold 9900 over my 9780? (I would buy a Q10 in a heartbeat if I could afford it but can’t (: I really don’t want to make a 2 year comittment to a phone that has issues! Thank you very much in advance if you are able to give me some insight into the 9900! My gut is telling me that it is a good phone but want some advice from someone in the know, not salespeople who want to see me the latest device! Sincerely, D Cooper

    • furiousguido says:

      Hello Dave Cooper, and thank you for your time writing this post to me, as I would be more than willing to help you with my own opinion in your situation.

      You currently have a BlackBerry Bold 9780, yet you want the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but Rogers Wireless won’t let you upgrade unless you commit to their 2 year term contract, since you originally want BlackBerry’s newest BB10 Q10 keyboard device, which I have also personally tested out myself it is an awesome device, fast, and would snap one up in a heartbeat if I could too.

      At the current moment, I still am using my Bold 9900, running a different mobile carrier’s OS 9900/ (B2534).

      This official OS has been fantastic to use, it’s stable, and runs like butter.

      You ask my opinion about other user’s negative & positive comments, and this is what I have to say.

      Some people will never truly appreciate a fine mobile device due to their arrogant, and blind sided attitude as they fail to even comprehend the most basic understanding of what it required of them as a Bold 9900 owner/user.

      The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is likely the best smart-phone I have ever used since my very first BlackBerry device in 2007.

      It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a smart-phone.

      I’ve read almost every BlackBerry Help article, Blog, even the complete manual to further my knowledge of what this device can do.

      Not many users have the slightest idea how to use any smartphone, let alone a Bold 99xx.

      If I were in your position, I wouldn’t accept Rogers hardware upgrade to the Bold 9900 at the moment, not because it’s not a good device, but rather cause technology moves so fast that in 2 years, BlackBerry will release more devices, and that Z10 or Q10 will be within reach sooner or later.

      If you can purchase it outright via Kijiji.ca or Craigslist they’re going for approx. $180-250 outright (try to find a WIND branded device if you can this way assuming the 9900 is unlocked, you can use any carrier regardless of what frequency their network uses.

      If you have any further questions, or if I can be of further help, please respond back, & I’ll try to reply when I’m available.

      Guido #TeamBlackBerry

      Sent from my BlackBerry Bold 9900/ (B2534)

      • David Cooper says:

        Hello again Guido, thank you for your quick and helpful reply! Since I emailed you I have done some digging around and I spoke with Rogers again to make sure I understand everything regarding a possible early buyout of the phone contract if needed by me, and when I would be eligible to upgrade again, etc. (as I mentioned before, I’ve never had a contract, and always used my own phones). My situation is a bit unique in that I am already paying for the monthly plan at a pretty reasonable cost so I’m thinking I may as well let them give me the phone for free, my monthly bill won’t change anyway. The other good thing is this, that the Bold 9900 does not require that I pay them for a Data Plan in order to get for free, (I can’t afford, nor need right now, I use wifi where I can) whereas the Q10 and Z10 both do. Plus, those phones require a 3 year contract, which I am definitely not into at this point! Having 3 kids at home, I just want to keep my costs as low as I can and a 2 year contract is a lot more palatable! I considered holding off until the Q10 costs come down or I can find a used one after a year etc, but the bottom line there is that I would still have to pay a few hun for one, whereas now I am paying nothing extra and will get a free 9900! I’m like you in that I also read everything I can about the phone I have, (Playbook too) so I can understand everything it can do for me…online articles, every page of the owners manual, etc.
        There is something I am new to that you said, so I thought I would ask you about it. You mentioned using “a different mobile Carrier’s OS”. What’s that all about? I have also read on Crackberry.com a number of people talking about using different ones. Is that saying that everything you see on the screen of the phone is different than a factory installed OS and the phone runs totally different? I’d like to learn more about that.
        So…because I wanted a black 9900 and Rogers only has white in stock, I’ve checked everywhere in my area and no-one even has a 9900 in stock at all anymore. However, last night at Superstore the guy at their Cell Kiosk said there are still 40+ in their system at different stores, so he is bringing one in for me from Winnipeg this week and they can do the upgrade for me there. I’m gonna go for it!

        Thanks very much for answering my questions and concerns in your previous reply, you’re doing a good job in helping people understand their Blackberry’s! There’s lots to know, and that’s the fun of it!

        Bye for now,
        David Cooper

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